Second Marriage

Below are articles of interest to those people in second marriages as it relates to Estate Planning and Probate in Minnesota. See also the section entitled "Blended Families."

Importance of Estate Planning for Unmarried, Cohabitating Couples

01/08/2013 - Many people in long-term relationships live with their significant other, but for any number of reasons choose not to get married.  Estate planning is especially important for people in this situation if they expect their significant other to inherit property from them upon their death. A pers...

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Getting Married? Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

12/04/2012 - Once stigmatized (perhaps unfairly) as a bad omen to a marriage, prenuptial agreements (ante-nuptial or premarital agreement) are increasingly popular methods of family and estate planning.  They are a useful tool that can serve several important purposes.  Minnesota law provides for certain r...

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Estate Planning and Divorce in Minnesota

10/20/2011 - During the emotional turmoil accompanying a divorce, one of the last things on your mind is estate planning.  However, it is advisable to review your entire estate plan during and after a divorce because the plan will almost certainly require some fine tuning and may no longer be desirable in s...

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The Basic Estate Planning Process

07/21/2011 - You've finally decided to take action and get your estate plan in order.  So, how do you get started?  What should you be thinking about?  Here is the basic process that will make it easier for you, your spouse, and your attorney to efficiently and effectively execute your estate planning g...

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Introduction to Estate Planning for Blended Families

06/14/2011 - This website will devote a substantial amount of time to the special estate planning issues involved with blended families.  This post will serve as a short introduction. Divorce rates are high in the U.S., leading to many people entering into second or third marriages. Additionally, people o...

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Do I Really Need a Will?

05/12/2011 - I'm not going to preach and claim that every person needs to create a Will, but given the relatively small amount of time and expense involved in making a Will, there are not many good excuses for not having a Will.  If you die without a Will (or other estate planning devices), the State basica...

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