Incapacity Planning

Below are articles of particular interest to those needing information on planning for incapacity, i.e. when you are not able to manage your financial or personal affairs. It is important to plan for incapacity, so that your financial and healthcare concerns are looked after without the extra time and expense of establishing a guardianship or conservatorship.

Estate Planning and Divorce in Minnesota

10/20/2011 - During the emotional turmoil accompanying a divorce, one of the last things on your mind is estate planning.  However, it is advisable to review your entire estate plan during and after a divorce because the plan will almost certainly require some fine tuning and may no longer be desirable in s...

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Estate Planning is for Everyone

09/15/2011 - The phrase "estate planning" often conjures up images of an older, wealthy person trying to reduce estate taxes at death.  While this certainly is one goal, it only scratches the surface of what estate planning entails.  Estate planning in one form or another is truly for people of all ages,...

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Anatomy of the Minnesota Health Care Directive

08/02/2011 - What is a Health Care Directive?  Simply put, a Health Care Directive is a written document that lets people know what your wishes are regarding your own health care - to be used when you are incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself.  Health care directives can range from bein...

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Power of Attorney Tips

05/30/2011 - A power of attorney is a signed document giving another person the legal authority to act on your behalf with respect to your assets.  The person acting on your behalf is referred to as your “attorney-in-fact,” and is your agent.  You are referred to as the “principal.” Powers of Att...

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