Gift Giving

Lifetime gift-giving is a simple and useful method of estate planning, especially if your estate is near $1 million and thus perhaps subject to Minnesota estate tax.

Gifting Tip - Appreciable Assets and Basis

07/10/2011 - Here are some gift giving tips and strategies if you are planning on making a lifetime gift of property, as opposed to money.   When you give someone property during your life (like stocks or land), that recipient of the gift gets a "carryover basis" in the property.  For example, if you pai...

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Simple Estate Planning: Lifetime Gift Giving

07/10/2011 - One of the simplest methods of estate planning is lifetime gifting of money or property.  A gift is a transfer of money or property in exchange for nothing or for less than full value.   Reduce Estate.  Lifetime gifts are a great way to reduce a taxable estate, thus getting money out of you...

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