Real Estate

The articles below concern special issues involving real estate as it relates to Estate Planning and Probate in Minnesota.

Do You Know How Your House is Titled? Are You Sure?

03/13/2013 - A common estate planning mistake is not knowing how your house or other real estate is titled, or incorrectly assuming that your house is titled a certain way.  When multiple people (most often a married couple) purchase a home, they are given the option to take title as joint tenants or as ten...

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Estate Planner's Arsenal: Transfer on Death Deed

06/29/2011 - The "Estate Planner's Arsenal" series highlights specific estate planning tools and their uses. The Transfer on Death Deed ("TODD") is a relatively new tool in the Minnesota estate planner's arsenal.  TODDs became available in 2008 after Minn. Stat. Section 507.071 was signed into law.  The T...

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The Problem of Owning Real Estate in Other States

05/13/2011 - Let us say you are the personal representative of your father's estate.  Your father lived and passed away in Minnesota.  As you are listing the assets of his estate, you discover that your father owned a small piece of real estate in California and another piece of real estate in Florida.  Y...

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